AWOLNATION – ‘Passion’

AWOLNATION struck a goldmine when their 2011 track ‘Sail’, from their debut album, ‘Megalithic Symphony’ hit commercial radio and cracked 5 million sales.

Officially superstars, and with the world as their fanbase, they were under pressure to do even better with their follow-up release. Six years have passed, and they’ve released ‘Passion’ the lead single from their forthcoming second album, ‘Here Come The Runts’. It’s been well-worth the wait – ‘Passion’ has landed on its feet and found the #1 spot as “Most Added” on Alternative Radio, worldwide.

The success of ‘Passion’ has inspired AWOLNATION to take to the road, and they’ll be doing a full US and UK/European tour, from February until May 2018.

Frontman Aaron Bruno, in discussing the sound of the new album, said,
“I think people are getting really burnt out on hearing robotic instrumentation and robotic vocals. And while I’ve never had robotic vocals, I’ve had a lot of electronic elements.”
It’s pretty evident in ‘Passion’ that AWOLNATION have stepped a long way from that, and are concentrating on man-made sounds, with guitars taking the spotlight, while at the same time perfectly straddling the line between electronic and rock. The official video is an inspirational display of human art, culture, and most important of all, ‘Passion’. Shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it features Brazillian pro-skater, Og De Souza. Og had polio as a child, and started using a skateboard as a form of basic transportation. Now he performs the same sorts of tricks on the board as his peers – only using his hands rather than his feet. Souza, an absolute inspiration to everyone – proves AWOLNATION’s point that with enough ‘Passion’, anything is possible.

You can download and stream ‘Passion from iTunes/Apple Music, and Spotify. Find AWOLNATION online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.


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