Wild Youth Release Debut EP ‘The Last Goodbye’

Dublin alt-pop fourpiece Wild Youth have today released their debut EP, ‘The Last Goodbye’. Comprising five songs including previous releases ‘Can’t Move On’, and ‘Making Me Dance’, it’s an uptempo dance-ready album which is sure to make some movement on the charts.

Bursting onto the scene in 2017, Wild Youth have found their single ‘Can’t Move On’ become the most played song on Irish radio in 2018. The group have been mentored by Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue of The Script, who co-produced the EP, and so it should come as no surprise that there is a lot which sounds like The Script on the record – as well as clear inspiration from the likes of The 1975, Imagine Dragons, and even Bruno Mars.

Opening with ‘Making Me Dance’, which was released earlier this month, we’re left in no doubt that EP is squarely aimed at the dance market. There’s something about the track that reminds us of The Vamps, or maybe even a hint or two of JLS. It’s certainly unexpected and quite welcome.

Wild Youth doesn’t sound particularly Irish; in the past it’s felt like a lot of music from Ireland has a certain (barely perceptible, but it’s there) quality that instantly identifies it as coming from the Emerald Isle. ‘The Last Goodbye’ however has more of a mid-Atlantic, funky style. We’ve seen this happening recently, with Irish artists gaining a more international flavour, while still staying proud of their Irish origins. Included in this would be Jedward‘s EDM vibed recent singles, Inhaler and their almost Mancunian sound, and Tanjier, whose dance/disco/funk probably comes closest to Wild Youth’s sound.

There’s three new tracks on the EP, ‘Close’, ‘Drinking About You’, and the title track, ‘The Last Goodbye’. ‘Close’ has an 80s vibe about it crossed with modern pop sensibilities: we can feel the influences of Prince’s ‘Raspberry Beret’, and even Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’ in the track, but these are counterpointed with a contemporary lyric.

‘The Last Goodbye’ is very catchy but also feels a bit derivative, this time something between The Vamps, and Bruno Mars. It’s a great song nonetheless, and gets you up and dancing.

Final track, ‘Drinking About You’, is a much softer, more relaxed track. Of all the songs on the EP, this is the only one that we could actually say, “this is sung by an Irish band”. The close harmonies, light instrumentals (is that a violin in there?), and gentle guitar with the slighest Celtic sound, all work together to make this a very enjoyable song.

‘The Last Goodbye’ is out today and can be streamed on Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer, and downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

You can find out more about Wild Youth online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Wild Youth - Close (Audio)

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