Shadow of Whales – ‘Runaway’

Indie pop band Shadow Of Whales, based in Austin, Texas, fully intend to break the mould of buying into the cookie-cutter life of the boring and mundane. Their new single, ‘Runaway’, is as much as anything a rebel anthem as a feel good all-round great track.

Shadow Of Whales was founded by lead singer Joshua Flores, who rounded up all his friends in the music scene who’d gone in separate directions. Jeremy Boyum, Chris Fraga, JD Vasquez, and Caleb Flores all joined up and together in 2014 they released their first single, ‘Dream’. The track laid out their plans to set sail for a new world, where they’re captains of their own destiny. Their latest single, ‘Runaway’, featured on their ‘What We Do’ EP, takes the idealism of ‘Dream’ and turns it into a tangible reality, where actions speak louder than words.

The video for ‘Runaway’ follows the life of Jane, who like many others isn’t happy with her life. She has lots holding her back, and in her frustration she realises she needs to make a change. Deciding to leave home, she joins Shadow Of Whales on tour, where she learns valuable lessons about herself, and the world around her.

The video for ‘Runaway’ reaches a dramatic climax, with Jane lighting a flare, which symbolises her facing her demons and taking control of her life. Life is ours to make of it what we want – we just have to stand up and realise.

Find out more about Shadow Of Whales from their official website.

Runaway - Shadow of Whales [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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