Amanda Holley – ‘Runaway’ 

R&B and soul singer Amanda Holley knows there’s some relationships that aren’t worth saving, and that there’s no shame in walking away and never looking back. With her new single, ‘Runaway’, she’s set to spread her message of empowerment and self-possession as widely as she can.

Keelie Walker – ‘Runaway’

Keelie Walker is like so many other teens, and is still figuring herself out; trying to work out who she is while dealing with the increasing pressures of growing up. Her new single, ‘Runaway’, the follow up to March’s ‘Girls Night’, is another single from the ‘Girls Night’ EP, and as usual, we see her as herself, being an uplifting inspiration for her friends, as well as those around her.

Shadow of Whales – ‘Runaway’

Indie pop band Shadow Of Whales, based in Austin, Texas, fully intend to break the mould of buying into the cookie-cutter life of the boring and mundane. Their new single, ‘Runaway’, is as much as anything a rebel anthem as a feel good all-round great track.

Xavier Toscano “Runaway”

Xavier Toscano believes that pop music is the soundtrack to our lives, and with previous release, ‘Apologies Wasted’, and new single, ‘Runaway’, he reminds his listeners that pop music is music that makes us feel good.

Serena Kern Dares to Dream

Serena Kern is an Indian/Swiss singer-songwriter who produces a versatile blend of soulful pop.

The Corrs: Talk on Corners

The Corrs released their second album, “Talk on Corners” in Ireland in late 1997, following it up with a US release in April 1998.

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