Amanda Holley – ‘Runaway’ 

R&B and soul singer Amanda Holley knows there’s some relationships that aren’t worth saving, and that there’s no shame in walking away and never looking back. With her new single, ‘Runaway’, she’s set to spread her message of empowerment and self-possession as widely as she can.

Produced by Davis Chris and Shane Foster (Yo Gotti) and written by Cecily Wagner alongside Amanda Holley herself, ‘Runaway’, is a silky smooth modern pop-R&B track, illuminated by sparkling synths, delicate yet emphatic percussion. The track is a superb showcase for Holley’s vocals, which feel both classic and contemporary at the same time, as well as her words of encouragement to all those who feel cornered and who dream of escape. She sounds tough, determined, ready to slam the door and face the consequences of her decisions, as she tells a wayward boyfriend on her way out the door: “You talk that talk, but you don’t back it up”; the song is a statement on relationships as well as her own personal journey as an artist – walking away from crazy situations and forging her own road, maintaining her integrity and not losing any self-worth.

It’s not just Holley in the clip for ‘Runaway’ – she’s enlisted the help of some of her talented friends too, including celebrity stylist and designer Paris LV Ladon. Everyone plays their role to the hilt, being driven to the edge by partners who are mistreating them, and gathering up the courage to tell their tormentors goodbye for good. But the focus of course is on Amanda Holley herself, and whether she’s at the microphone in the recording studio, or walking alone in a beautiful seascape, she’s setting her own pace, and taking her own steps with pride.

Click below to watch the video for ‘Runaway’ on YouTube. Find out more about Amanda Holley online on her official website.

Amanda Holley - Run Away

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