Indie Electro Outfit The Dying Seconds Announce ‘Fun At Parties’

Earlier this month, independent pop/electro group The Dying Seconds announced the newest single, titled ‘Fun At Parties’, from their upcoming album, ‘Full of Ghosts’ – releasing in early October. The Irish quartet’s third single effortlessly blends emotional lyrics with elements of electronic music, giving us one last brilliant preview into the new album come September 1st, when the single releases across streaming platforms.

The four-man Irish army have been around for over a decade now, debuting with the brilliant album, ‘Glimmerers’, in 2012. Over the years, they have gained notoriety for their music, which fuses awesome electro beats with heartfelt lyrics. Despite the seven-year gap between their first and second album releases, The Dying Seconds have managed to maintain a steady audience, mostly due to their quality-over-quantity approach, only releasing a handful of songs every year. ‘Fun at Parties’ isn’t just another segment of the group’s wide discography – it’s also a brilliant new piece.

Generally classified as an electro outfit, The Dying Seconds draw upon multiple more influences than just one genre’s worth of music, taking elements from pop and R&B to create an eclectic electro mix in ‘Fun at Parties’. Shimmering synths, calming piano chords and soothing vocals layered on top of drums and snares all mix together to create an awesome new emotional piece, where the group are free to deliver their heartfelt message, sounding good while doing so. This is a special kind of music that doesn’t lend itself to any genre – the kind of indie music that only comes around once in a blue moon, so you’d better give ‘Fun at Parties’ a listen when it releases come September, as it’s a once in a lifetime track.

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