May Fall - photo credit: Adam Oscar

May Fall Wants To ‘Sleep’ But Just Can’t In New Synth Pop Single

 Photo credit: Adam Oscar

 May Fall is an indie/alt/synth-pop singer-songwriter who has always been an expert sound-scaper, and his latest single, ‘Sleep’, is just one more example of his talent.

With the shimmering beauty of dreams comes terror and mystery, and all this is reflected in May Fall’s recordings. This artist is fascinated by sleep, drawn to the infinite depths of subconsciousness, and, just like many of his other thoughtful songs, ‘Sleep’ has come from a deep look into it; a candid examination of sleep as refuge, introspection, and escape. The deep reflections have been to heart syncopating beats that carry ethereal harmonies leading to a cathartic chorus, that’s been sung in a voice that perfectly exemplifies the yearning to a beautiful descent to the dark side.

‘Sleep’ is perhaps the highlight of ‘Submerge’, May Fall’s second EP. Following on from lead single, ‘Determinist’, released September last year, it’s music to make you think, as well as reverb earwormingly.

For the video, for ‘Sleep’, director Thanos Kallianiotis felt a dream-drenched location was necessary, and what better place than Thessaloniki, on the northern shores of the Aegean Sea. May Fall is captured in the shadow-shrouded rooms of an ancient house, as Kallianiotis brings dreams to life, perfectly matching the music to the atmospheric settings. May Fall’s performance is subtle, with the essence of slumber, the fear of wakefulness, and the creeping madness of the insomniac all captivating. In one shot, we see a fully awake May Fall sing to a sleeping version of himself. The first turns to the camera, while the second wakes up.

Watch the video for ‘Sleep’ below and find out more about May Fall and his music online on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

May Fall - Sleep (Official Music Video)

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