Mindshift Release Lyric Video For ‘My Revenge’

Stockholm Sweden’s melodic metal giants, Mindshift, have announced the release of their new lyric video, ‘My Revenge’.

Stockholm Sweden’s melodic metal giants, Mindshift, have announced the release of their new lyric video, ‘My Revenge’, featuring the outstanding guest vocalist Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid of Soilwork.  ‘My Revenge’ is the second single to be debuted off their latest worldwide album release of Horizon which was released via Eclipse Records back in 2016.  ‘My Revenge’ has a concerning message about humanity and the negative impact that it can have on Mother Earth. The video does great justice in portraying the meaning Mindshift intended to relay to their audience.

‘My Revenge’ is written as if from the point of view of Mother Earth as she takes revenge on humanity for all the careless torment and destruction that  has been inflicted on earth since the beginnings of civilization. “My Revenge is about the earth itself that is taking revenge on humanity for what man has done to it. The lyric video focuses upon this, displaying images from around the world that show different examples of how we are destroying our home, Planet Earth” says guitarist Johan Lund“We wrote the song from the point of view of Planet Earth, as if it were speaking to all humanity and warning us of the environmental problems we as a species have created.” 
Mindshift have released their new album, Horizon.

Since the release of Horizon by Mindshift the band has received rave reviews from various media sources from all over the world. The fifteen song album boasts wailing melodic guitar riffs, pounding rhythms, and an excellent balance of instrumentation and vocal lines.  A review by Starpulse described the music on Mindshift’s Horizon as” blistering riffs and concussive drumming, capped off with stunning vocals”.  About Heavy Metal also gave praise to the new album from Mindshift exclaiming, “Horizon is an effective balance of memorable choruses and clever guitar work”. If you are a lover of melodic riffing metal with meaningful and powerful lyrics than you owe it to yourself to check out Mindshift’s Horizon. 

For music and more info from Mindshift check out their Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can also get info and music on the Eclipse Records website.

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