Sun & Flesh – ‘Bored’

There’s a lot of aggression involved in living in Brooklyn. You all live on top of each other, and it creates a lot of hate: drivers hate pedestrians, who hate cyclists – who in turn complete the circle by hating the drivers…Sun & Flesh know that anger all too well, but they have also chosen to not let it twist them, and instead, have taken the energy from all that aggression, and risen above it, making fast and furious music, anthems of disenchantment, as it were, providing a voice for everyone. Their latest song, ‘Bored’, is the perfect example of this.

Arisen From Nothing – ‘Chaos’

Based in Seattle, Arisen From Nothing catch the listener’s attenion with their lethal brand of metal. The five-piece band is led by Jessie Bringham, with Troy Elmore and Steve Pontius on guitars, Eric Hanson on bass, and Brandon Fuller, who was previously a member of Ghost Town Rebellion, on drums. Arisen From Nothing’s album, ‘Broken’, is released through Montreal label, Collective Wave Records, and they’ve led off with the raw and stirring single, ‘Chaos’.