Sun & Flesh – ‘Bored’

There’s a lot of aggression involved in living in Brooklyn. You all live on top of each other, and it creates a lot of hate: drivers hate pedestrians, who hate cyclists – who in turn complete the circle by hating the drivers…Sun & Flesh know that anger all too well, but they have also chosen to not let it twist them, and instead, have taken the energy from all that aggression, and risen above it, making fast and furious music, anthems of disenchantment, as it were, providing a voice for everyone. Their latest song, ‘Bored’, is the perfect example of this.

The quartet take their inspiration from 90s metal, and with their records promise to live fast – and never die. ‘Bored’, produced and engineered by Dan Korneff (known for his work with Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, and Killswitch Engage, among others), has taken the track and imbued it with a brilliance that maintains its high gloss abrasion. Sun & Flesh, comprising Matt Brewster, Stefan Reinberger, Jon Serwinowski, and Christoph Manuel have music smarts by the shedload, and their harmonies, not to mention dynamics and mood shifts, call to mind bands such as The Deftones.

The video for ‘Bored’, which was directed and conceived by band members Manuel and Brewster, leaves us in no doubt as to the grim world view of the song right from the start, with the TV screen showing news of rioting, and school shootings – not too different to real life. An infomercial talks about “Virthutrix”, with its extra numb formula, which seems to be an unnecessary product, given the viewer on his sofa looks bored out of his brain. People go about their daily lives, faces glued to their phones, ignorant of everything around them, zombies inured to the horrific things going on, by constant news reports, information overload, and sites advertising consumer goods. Bored out of their brains, they nonetheless continue in their drudgery, eyes bathing unblinkingly in the continual flow of information that washes over them.

The band meanwhile are also in a world of their own, but one of rage and passion. They slice through their song, playing in a warehouse, concrete and bare, giving it welly while their fellow Brooklynites wander about numbed and blind to the outside world.

Check out more about Sun & Flesh on their official website. Watch the video for ‘Bored’ below:

Sun & Flesh - Bored (Official Music Video)

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