Tiavara – ‘Dazed’

Underground metal group Tiavara have been making their face melting sound in their homeland of Russia since 2013, and are now ready to conquer the world, starting with their song, ‘Dazed’.

Comprising brothers Tikhon (vocals) and Danila (drums) Pachin, as well as Alexandar Bogdanov (rhythm guitar), Rost Prus (bass), and Rodion Kotov (lead guitar), Tiavara come from Korolyov, Russia. They first started as a school project, playing covers, before developing their own style. They take inspiration from a range of both classic and modern metal bands, including Lamb Of God, Slayer, Bring Me The Horizon, System Of A Down, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, and Devildriver, and their sound combines melodic groove metal with crisp clean vocals.

Tiavara have released 3 albums; the ‘Never Silent’ EP in 2015, followed by ‘Sheep Dream Of Paradise’, in 2016, and ‘Delusional Tales Of Grand Intentions’ last year. They’re certainly making waves, with their single, ‘When Silence Reigns’, premiering on Metal Nexus, and an album premiere in DECIBEL magazine.

Tiavara’s aim is to become a professional band, with a worldwide following – their dream is to play legendary venues such as Madison Square Garden. They’re well on the way there with their latest single, ‘Dazed’, which takes a more experimental approach to their sound, incorporating a more energetic vocal – almost to the point of rapping.

Speaking of their music, Danila explained,

“The main issue we are trying to address in ‘Dazed’ is the problem of viewing a distorted reality through the prism of biased TV coverage and other media.”

The video for ‘Dazed’ was shot over four days in Korolyov, with scenes around the town, including a local park, and an abandoned warehouse. They hope for the viewer to consider the ramifications of propaganda: the information we ingest, from all over, TV, social media, print media and so on – is very easy to find – and plays a huge part in the opinions of the general public. It’s a timely message when we’re seeing the outcome of national elections being swayed by propaganda, and hopefully Tiavara will have the desired outcome from listeners to this song – that is, to think hard about how we form our opinions on the things that matter in life.

Find out more about Tiavara online on their official website. Watch the video for ‘Dazed’ below:

Tiavara - Dazed (Official Music Video)

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