Jae Mansa ft. RiFF RaFF – ‘SWAN iN MY POND’

Jae Mansa returns with a new collab, this time with household name and rapper, RiFF RaFF, and their new single, ‘SWAN iN MY POND’. It’s an intriguing sounding name, and the music video that goes with it features not just one swan – but two.

A laid back instrumental is the perfect backing for the track, with the stylistic similarities between cousin two-person team Jae Mansa and RiFF RaFF making for some synergy. The track holds fast to the true spirit of rap, with the verses exploring the ups and downs of their lives, and the pressures they face. Rather than swans representing love, and soul mates, as they usually do, in this case they’re symbolic of having everything you want in life – the rappers have achieved what they want in life, they’ve got enough to splash out on a swan – or two – for their pond (or in the case of the music video, their pool).

In the accompanying music video, we see the crew show up at a mansion, tinted with some way out colours, such as a pink hued pool. It’s all special effects and trippy visuals, with bikini-clad babes…and swans. Jae Mansa and RiFF RaFF are doing their thing, spitting out bars, living their lives. It’s pretty way out but it’s fun. What are the swans for? Who cares? They seem to be enjoying themselves, and so should we.

Watch the music video for ‘SWAN iN MY POND’ below. You can check out Jae Mansa online on their Instagram, and read our other articles here.

RiFF RaFF & Jae Mansa - “SWAN iN MY POND” (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)

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