Dude Reppin Knowhere Releases Video For Latest Single, ‘MOMA’

Dude Reppin Knowhere is a rapper, a poet, and an all round master of whatever he sets his mind to. His creative spirit knows no bounds, and has also seen him working as an emcee, and even as a yoga teacher. Basically he’s never been one for sitting still, and after releasing a few EPs – to great acclaim – he’s put together a nine track full-length album, ‘MOMA’.

The title track for ‘MOMA’, or “More Organic More Authentic”, shines as a fine example of what the Dude is talking about. The name was originally meant to be a temporary title, put down by producer Ace Marcano as he was playing with the retro beat and hook of the song. Later, Dude Reppin Knowhere expanded the acronym, and together the pair produced the song and video in a single day. You can’t get any more organic or authentic than that!

As a result, what we get in the song and video is a window into the mind and life of Dude Reppin Knowhere, one that is lived “MOMA”. While the song declares to listeners, “Pay respect to the Earth/Because the Earth is dope”, the clip gives us a shot by shot aerial and land tour of his adopted hometown of Burlington Vermont. It’s shown through Dude Reppin Knowhere’s eyes: backyard beat-making, mountain-climbing, and doing donuts in muscle cars – in other words, organic and authentic.

Watch the music video for ‘MOMA’ below and find out more about Dude Reppin Knowhere and his music online on Facebook, and Instagram.


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