Hello Casanova Release Single ‘I’ll Be Waiting’

Hello Casanova release single ‘I’ll Be Waiting’.

Northern Ireland’s pop punk sensation Hello Casanova have recently debuted their latest single ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ available through online retail and most streaming platforms internationally via Supersonic Media of London. Hello Casanova formerly known as punk band Foreign Affairs, take on a more positive approach in a pop punk song fashion with the lyrics and mood compared to their earlier songs as Foreign Affairs being a lot less political, lighter, and with a distinct positive message. The new single, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is a straight forward but edgy personal love song that has upbeat and energetic energy while also offering some characteristics of Irish rock and punk which can be apparent in much of Hello Casanova’s music.

The band consists of rhythm guitarist and vocalist Matt Irwin, lead guitar and vocals Ethan Williamson, and drummer Martin Miller. In live performance the three of them produce a tidal wave of energy with the intense passion for their music and their ability to interact and get the crowd involved. Their experience in live performance has brought them as far as the west coast of the US.

The video for ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ was shot at a Wreckless Skatepark in Gorey Ireland where you get a view of the band performing as well as some quick clips of up and coming Irish skaters and bikers showing off their moves.  The video was filmed by Jack McNally, Sam Frisby, Chris McEvoy and Rob Cook and conveys Hello Casanova’s unrelenting energy during their live performances which is really something to see. “The music video features people from the age of 6-26, all skating around and having a great time while we perform,” explains Hello Casanova frontman Matthew Irwin. “Pop punk can be cliché. It can be the same three chords over, and it can be all chorus with the rest filler. We set out to try and give pop punk a different angle – to give all the heart that the genre deserves and to add our own spin on the sound”.

“I’ll Be Waiting is the happiest song we’ve ever written! As Foreign Affairs, we put out a lot of serious tracks that were political, angry and very serious! Now, as Hello Casanova, we wanted our first track to be a positive burst of energy! This song details our singer Matt’s love for his girlfriend, who he’s been with for five years! We wanted it to be catchy, anthemic and have heart and we’re over the moon with the results! We’re currently heading to the studio to record our next single which we’re also very very proud of,” says guitarist Ethan Williamson
The new single, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ has been available for streaming and purchasing since November 18th and Hello Casanova is now in the studio working on their next single as Hello Casanova. For more music and info on Hello Casanova check out their Facebook, TwitteriTunes, and Instagram

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