The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Lindsay O’Mahoney


This week’s Essential Playlist is from Honey Ryder lead vocalist, Lindsay O’Mahoney. 

Honey Ryder 5

Check out the brand new video for Honey Ryder’s latest track, ‘In A Heartbeat’, their album ‘Born In A Bottle’, which is available to download from iTunes. Find Honey Ryder online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Honey Ryder - In A Heartbeat [Official Video]

Air – ‘All I Need’

This song has such a unique sound and never seems to date. I love her delicate vocals and the tone of her voice. It chills you out in seconds.

James Taylor – ‘Fire and Rain’

When I was a teenager I spent a Summer in France being an au pair. The French parents were massively into James Taylor and played his Greatest Hits album to me all the time. As soon as I hear this track it reminds me of a bittersweet Summer that was full of adventure but also loneliness….plus I was missing my first boyfriend desperately so the lyrics hit a nerve!

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – ‘Give it Away’

I love the guitars and energy they bring to this song….another unique sounding track – a rock track that you can actually dance to…

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Glen Campbell – ‘Wichita Lineman’

I love the simplicity of this song and the quirkiness of the lyrics.

Sia – ‘Titanium’

This is an amazing dance song but also makes me sing at the top of my voice – it brings total joy.

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John Denver – ‘Annie’s Song’

This song is simply sublime – when I think about the lyrics and the story behind them, I’m instantly reduced to tears!

Adele – ‘Someone Like You’

Along with the rest of the world I love Adele’s voice and the poignancy of the lyrics. Just brilliant.

Fleetwood Mac – ‘The Chain’

I still find this song really exciting to listen to – this is the  band that made me want to be in a band…

Ed Sheeran – ‘Thinking out Loud’

This is a beautifully written song – I’m pretty certain it’ll be considered a classic as years go by. I love his vocals and the production.

Bruno Mars – ‘Locked out of Heaven’

This is a great pop song – I can’t sit still to it and it’s impossible to feel miserable when it comes on – it provides an instant lift.

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