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Erin Vivers Ferguson is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Falkirk, Scotland. In her first year as a recording artist, Erin played over 100 shows and has supported high profile acts such as Emma’s Imagination at Maggie Mays in Glasgow, and Jane Siberry at the prestigious Oran Mor.

Erin Vivers Ferguson

Erin released her self-titled debut EP in January 2013, but has re-recorded it to raise funds for the It Gets Better project, and Revel and Riot. Openly gay, Erin has begun speaking about LGBT rights at her shows. ‘Take 2: It Got Better’ is set for release on 14 February. For further details see Erin’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

We hope you enjoy Erin’s Essential Weekly Playlist.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘Dancing In The Dark’

When I was 19, I started working for a security firm. The first shift they ever gave me was Bruce Springsteen at Hampden Park. I instantly fell in love with his music. He had such a way with the crowd, and the atmosphere was amazing. ‘Dancing In The Dark’ and ‘I’m On Fire’ were tracks that I connected with and, I now occasionally cover them from time to time.

Fleetwood Mac -‘The Chain’

My mum is massive FM fan – she has moments of pure madness where she whacks on their music and dances round the room. She used to tell me to listen to certain songs and really listen to the vocals, or certain guitar lines, with my eyes closed – listening to them whilst growing up gave me a really deep appreciated for their music, but my fave track of all is ‘The Chain’. It’s an iconic song, and the bass and guitar riffs at the end of the song give me the chills.

Night Terrors of 1927 (feat Tegan and Sara) – ‘When You Were Mine’

I’m a massive fan of Tegan and Sara, so when I found out that they were working with NTO1927, I was beyond happy. I could listen to this track all day – it’s one of the best tracks on NTO1927’s debut record. If you haven’t heard it, go do it!

Tegan and Sara – ‘The Con’

I’m a massive fan of Tegan and Sara. I discovered them when I was in my early teens, and I haven’t stopped listening. Tegan and Sara’s albums have a way of really hitting you in the feels – ‘The Con’ (the title track from their 2007 record ‘The Con’) is a track that I listen to when I’m feeling down. ‘The Con’ is one of my all time favourite records.

King Charles – ‘LoveBlood’

It’s a super happy song that just makes you feel good. They say when someone tells you to listen to their favourite song that you can learn so much about them if you really listen. The girl I like told me to listen to King Charles and I got into the record quickly. LoveBlood is an all round great record.

‘Twenty One Pilots – The Judge’

The ‘Blurryface’ record is one of my fave records of 2015. ‘The Judge’ is one of the most standout tracks. TwentyOne pilots have a way with words – the lyrics really hit home. It’s a winner.

Tegan and Sara – ‘My Number’

One of the first Tegan and Sara songs I ever heard. There’s nothing better than belting this out, no matter how you’re feeling. I’ve listened to these beautiful, and talented Canadian twins since I was 12, and they’ve really influenced how I write my own music. There’s definitely hints of them in my new record.

Tegan and Sara – ‘Closer’

‘Closer’ was the first single from their latest record ‘Heartthrob’. It’s a feel good tune that just makes you want to dance. If I didn’t have to narrow it down to 10 songs, then their entire discography would be here! I can’t wait for 2016 – they’ve just finished their new record, and I’m stoked to be able to hear it.

Britt Kusserow – ‘Jericho’

I featured on a podcast with Britt this summer, and fell totally in love with her music. ‘Jericho’ is ace and people should listen to it!

Sammy Cannillo – ‘Porter Hall’

I played in an online live stream concert of Tegan and Sara fans playing covers, for other Tegan and Sara fans called the CTnSFest, where Sammy was one of the other performers. Her original music is amazing and ‘Porter Hall’ is one of my favourites – it’s been added to many, many, many playlists.

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