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Voxes are a psych/dreampop band from Paris, France, whose new EP, ‘Mind Fuzz’ was released on 25 September. Their music has a great, California 60s feel about it, and so we invited them to share their Essential Weekly Playlist, to give us an idea how a band from Paris can sound so Haight-Ashbury. So without further ado…


Tame Impala – ‘Apocalypse Dreams’

Let’s be honest, Tame Impala is the greatest band in the world right now, and this might be one of their best songs. Actually, forget about that, VOXES is the best band in the world, and this song is pretty good. The live version of the song, with the coda at the end, is pure “cosmic mind fuzz” (#productplacement)

The Horrors – ‘Sea Within A Sea’

Maybe one of our favourite songs of all time. From the krautrock intro to the synth orgy at the end, this song is perfect. We like synths and we like orgies, so we were meant to love this song.

The Beatles – ‘I Want You’ (She’s So Heavy)

We had to put a Beatles song in here, but we couldn’t decide which one to choose. There were arguments. There were fights. Everybody became crazy. “Obladi Oblada” almost made it. But we chose “I Want You”. This is a pretty dark riff for this band, but this is where the Beatles are the most interesting: when they become menacing.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – ‘Anemone’

Where it all started for us. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is the band that unified all of us. There is a legend that says that everyone who listened to the Velvet Underground started a band. Well this is true. And this is also true with BJM.

Ps: Joel Gion is the man.

Serge Gainsbourg – ‘La Horse’

We are a French band from Paris, so we had to put some French music here. Serge Gainsbourg is a French legend, and we love his music, especially his psychedelic movie soundtracks. This track has one of the best bass line ever written, a hip hop drum break in the middle and a banjo solo. Enough said.

Primal Scream – ‘Come Together’

To us, Psych music almost has to be a shamanic experience. A gathering of people vibrating around a repetitive beat. This track is a perfect example. Also, we like cheesy synths.

Ps: Apparently, every good band has to write a song called “Come Together”. Yes, we’re working on it.

Chemical Brothers – ‘Star Guitar’

First, best name for a band ever. The Chemical Bros are definitely underrated. When you listen to tracks like ‘Setting Sun’, ‘Let Forever Be’ or ‘The Private Psychedelic Reel’ you understand that ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ changed their lives. It changed ours too. Bless them.

Oasis – ‘Champagne Supernova’

First, best name for a song ever. That’s a lot of music from Manchester in this list, but we had to put this one. We love the epicness of this track. It has a fantastic guitar solo from Paul Weller that makes you want to swim in an ocean of champagne and fight sharks with you bare hands.

The Stone Roses – ‘I Am The Resurrection’

Yes, Manchester again. MADCHESTER !! The groovy bass line! The motown drums! The chorus! Everything is perfect, and suddenly the bass line shifts. The track evolves in this funkylicious cosmic madness. And at the end, the Roses summon the spirit of “The Who” for a final firework.

100% Pure Poison – ‘Windy C’

Truth be told, if we were good musicians, we would make funk music. The world needs some fonkenergy (don’t use it, we have the copyright). This is a lost nugget from an era when people danced at concerts and enjoyed themselves. These funk bands knew how to make the girls dance and sweat. What else do you want when you are in a band? The perfect track to conclude this list.

100% Pure Poison - Windy C

You can find Voxes on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. ‘Mind Fuzz’ is available to buy from Voxes’ Bandcamp page.

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