Eurodance Sounds from Ukraine’s SOUNDSTREAM With ‘MAXXIMUM DRIVE’


Currently consisting of Ann Pazyura on lead vocals, DJ Spacedreamer as MC, and DJ FatCat taking care of keyboards, composing and arrangement, SOUNDSTREAM are a HandsUp/Eurodance band from Ukraine who have seen some success on the international dance scene.

Original members DJ FatCat (Denis Timish) and Bulya (Alexander Bulanov), decided in 2008 to form a band, while both were students at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

The pair recorded the song, ‘Feels Like Heaven’ on September 17 of that year, and SOUNDSTREAM was born. The track reached number 56 on the Soundclick Dance chart: they then recorded ‘Rainy Day’, an instrumental track, before collaborating with Andrew Sinenko.

‘Save You’, the band’s first song, featured the vocals of Kate Lesing. This was followed by ‘See Me Now’, which did very well in Ukraine, Russia, and somewhat interestingly, Singapore.


SOUNDSTREAM’s first album, ‘Number One’, was recorded in April 2009, and saw some internet success. Second album, ‘Partytime’ was released in May, with the band now a duo, having earlier parted company with Sinenko.

Their third album, ‘Midnight Hour’ saw the first of a couple of major changes for the band. They decided to change up their style to Trance, rather than just straight dance; following this album the second major change occurred, and this was the addition of female vocalist Darya Bezkorovayna as a full member. When Darya left, the band continued, and released ‘Dancefloor Generation’ in 2010. Having found success with a female singer, the band welcomed Anna Pazyura on board later that year. They recorded ‘One More Time’, which is considered by many to be one of their best releases to date.

Soundstream 3

With six albums under their belt, SOUNDSTREAM released their seventh, ‘MAXXIMUM DRIVE’ in December 2015. A 16 track album, it mixes up the styles, including HandsUp, Bigroom, Hardstyle, Eurodance and even Dubstep. Standout tracks would be ‘Thunderstorm’ with its pulsating beat and ‘Music Takes Control 2015 [Guitar Edit]’ reflecting their German Dancecore influences, and the fast paced yet dreamy ‘Heroes Never Die’. The album moves quickly from energetic and upbeat tempos to the dreamlike qualities of songs such as ‘Heroes Never Die’. Altogether it’s a pumped up album that should do well on the dance charts.

You can find SOUNDSTREAM online on Twitter, FacebookSoundcloud. and their official website, where you can also find all the band’s music.

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