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After winning a music competition out of thousands of bands in the UK and playing live in New Orleans by request of Bermuda’s president, Mohawk Radio will keep rocking on with their exquisite live performances and newest album ‘Highway To Heaven’. 

Mohawk Radio is a four piece with James ‘Gregsy’ Gregory on lead guitar, Sean Frankland on bass/backing vocals, Dave Quinn on drums, and Mia Page with her melodic yet powerful vocals. It is essential to make mention of the whole band as they are all really what makes Mohawk Radio the amazing band they are. It starts with the great songwriting in its beginning stage and James on lead guitar using good dynamics and fitting every guitar part perfectly in place with the feel of the songs.  Sean and Dave provide seamless rhythm grooves that move the songs in the direction they were meant to go.  And Mia, with a stunning ability to sing that rivals even the most accomplished pop artists of our time, provides her commanding vocals over the bands rock sound.

10500536_766178960095903_7098552252769234240_nWinning the Rock The House music competition was a great accomplishment for the band and has propelled them into the limelight in a hurry.

Their live performances as of late have been held in high regard and being that Mia Page was born in Bermuda, the band was asked by Bermuda’s president to perform at the New Orleans Superdome Club XLIV.  While the band was in New Orleans they signed T-shirts at Hard Rock Cafe and got rave reviews with just the few performances they have had thus far.  They continue to be busy and have many shows lined up for mid summer and have also had major air play internationally and on Manchester based radio stations.

Mohawk Radio currently has two albums available on iTunes which feature a great set of songs on each. Their latest album ‘Highway To Heaven’, released in 2014 is getting a lot of attention with its strong professional production and well written songs including ‘Lifetime Sunshine’ which has a nice guitar melody to accompany the laid back vocals, and a great back up vocal behind the lead. The song ‘Oblivion’ turns more toward their hard rock influences and has blasting bass and drums with riff rock guitar that keeps the track pumping.  ‘Seen It All Before’ is a great dynamic song going from melody rock to hard rock with emotional lyrics that keep the track intense. Overall I feel like they have a rock sound very similar to Pearl Jam with a vocal that is a cross between Cher and Stevie Nicks.

With an original rock sound that compliments the soulful voice of Mia Page, Mohawk Radio pushes forward to stake their claim and give the rock and roll world a taste of their own sound.


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