Christina CF Releases Debut Single ‘Ultimatum’

Canadian solo artist Christina CF cruises into the indie-pop scene with her first single, ‘Ultimatum’.

The use of the term cruises is no coincidence either, as she takes to the genre with apparent ease.

The track’s minimalist instrumentalism, with a looped hook and tambourine-like beat carrying the song from start to finish, perfectly supports Christina’s dancing vocals.

Her voice is, arguably, the stand out feature of the song. It has an airy yet emotive quality that immediately entrances anyone fortunate enough to hear it.

Christina said:

“Music is such a powerful way of connecting with others. I just want to make sure people feel things with the songs I create – whether it be a song I write for myself or another artist. I hope the public vibes with ‘Ultimatum’ the same way my friends and family have.”

The Ontario-based artist is self-taught in her craft. This may be why the single has a feeling of accessibility and relatability often associated with bedroom-folk. The act of putting a genuine, emotional narrative to a tune. Yet, the song shakes itself free of this genre with subtle production that elevates it to a position in the heralded realms of pop.

‘Ultimatum’ does not sound like a first single. Instead, it exhibits the confidence and quality of a seasoned and successful artist. Christina CF appears to have single-handedly sourced a formula for fresh, exciting music. ‘Ultimatum’ is the first example of this, and certainly worthy of a place on any playlist.

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