Beth Macari – ‘Clone’

Classic pop with a twist of hip-hop, Beth Macari’s ‘Clone’, with its Latino vibes and infectiously catchy melodies, is a real breath of fresh air.

Having supported for the likes of Rae Morris, PP Arnold, and The Hot 8 Brass Band, Beth is no stranger to recognition. Fronting the live band for Sky One’s popular celebrity panel show ‘Bring The Noise’, also saw her regularly singing alongside some of the industry’s biggest stars such as Nicole Scherzinger, Tinie Tempah, and Mel C.

Beth is now ready to focus on her own music, and show the industry just who she is as solo artist. ‘Clone’ is a gutsy and empowering track about a previous flame becoming involved with someone who looks just like your ‘Clone’.

‘Does she look like I do / Does she talk like I do / Does she wear her hair down like you wanted me to’ sings Beth. It is a song about distancing yourself from a toxic relationship and realising that you can no longer be controlled. It is about being you in an unapologetic and unreserved way, and loving whoever that person is.

The song comes accompanied by a stylised and arthouse new music video. Shots of Beth set against strikingly bold and colourful backdrops are interrupted with sections of dancing and abstract movement, it is a real artistic triumph. Check it out here!

With the recent release of ‘Clone’ and its accompanying music video, and the suggestion of live performances in the not too distant future, this summer is set to be an exciting one for this Geordie powerhouse…

Find out more about Beth Macari online on Twitter, and Facebook.

‘Clone’ is available on Google Play, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

Beth Macari - Clone - Official Video

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