Michael Jackson – ‘Beat It’ (Peter Cloud Remix)

Peter Cloud has done it again! The Italian producer has this time put together an incredible remix of the Michael Jackson classic, ‘Beat It’.

Following on from his glorious remixes of ‘Wonderwall‘ (Oasis), and ‘One More Time‘, by Daft Punk, Peter is back with his take on another huge classic, a remix of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’, released appropriately close to the 9th anniversary of Jackson’s death.

Opening with Jackson speaking, saying that he’ll do the verses then the choruses, and a count in, we lose nothing of the strength of his vocals, while laid on a light techno beat. It’s a very sympathetic treatment of an already brilliant song. He’s stripped the track back in parts, and about two thirds of the way through there’s a great white noise spin. It ends with an unaccompanied Jackson vocal, which gentle fades out. Fabulous work!

We can’t wait to see what Cloud comes up with next!

Find Peter Cloud online on his Instagram account. ‘Beat It’ (Peter Cloud Remix) is available as a free download here.

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