Allen Himmen Releases Upbeat New Single, ‘In The Dark’

‘In The Dark’ is the new single from Allen Himmen, a singer songwriter from Indiana. The track is both bold and adventurous, and brings with it a similar energy and clear inspiration from fellow Indiana artist, Michael Jackson, as Himmen explores themes of secrecy and mystery. ‘In The Dark’ is out now.

Did Michael Jackson Invent The Moonwalk? It’s Complicated

Was Michael Jackson the first person to ever use the moonwalk? Or was it something already being taught in dance classes?

Five Of The Most Iconic Music Video Looks Of All Time

For artists, music videos breathe life and substance into their melodies and lyrics. Telling a story to go alongside the song, they embody a transcendent form of expression, with some acting as veritable works of art in themselves (Beyoncé’s Lemonade, we’re looking at you).

Essentially Pop Meets: Grace Gaustad

Grace Gaustad is still only 18 years old, but has been making waves in Los Angeles in recent months, since she covered Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’. Recognised for her deep vocals, Grace has been working with Lady Gaga’s singing coach since she before she entered her teenage years. Grace has quite the profile on social media, with just under 500K followers on Instagram, as well as 80K+ on Facebook, and 73K+ subscribers on YouTube. While in Los Angeles recently, Lisa asked Grace a few quick questions about her life, music, and inspirations.

The Boys Are Back! Ras From Damage Talks to Us About Their Upcoming Tour

The Boys Are Back! A throwback tour like no other. The tour will feature four iconic boybands from the 90s; Five, 911, A1 and of course Damage.
Emma Mages recently got in touch with Ras from Damage to talk about the upcoming tour that will be happening at the beginning of next year.

Icelandic Siren Hildur Channels Strong Female Role Models On New EP ‘Intuition’ And Single, ‘Work’

Icelandic pop artist Hildur draws on the power of iconic female role models with her forthcoming single, ‘Work’, and her new EP, ‘Intuition’, both out today, June 28 through Anti Fragile Music.v

SHI 360 feat. Talent Display – ‘Only Got One’

Canadian rapper and Jewish rap ambassador SHI 360 had a very eclectic upbringing, raised by North African parents in Israel, and his music reflects this. Additionally, he grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Charles Aznavour, and Egyptian singer songwriter and actress, Umm Kulthum. SHI 360 first heard hip hop while lstening to “The Voice of Peace”, a pirate radio station run by Israeli peace activist, Abie Nathan.

Simply Rayne – ‘Don’t Stop’ ft. Baby Bash

Describing herself as “Afro-tina”, Reinana Fernandez performs as Simply Rayne. The 20 year old singer was raised on the classics such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Al Green, Diana Ross, and Etta James, and later on explored her own interests, such as Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Prince, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill. But her number one influence is the queen herself: Beyoncé.

Jonny Dee – ‘The Man Who Fell From The Sky’

San Diego’s Jonny Dee’s love for the likes of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson – along with a new found interest in spirituality and peace – has clearly had an influence on his new music. His latest album, ‘The Human Experience’, which was released in the spring, sees Dee declaring himself to be the new saviour of rock and roll, and blending elements of funk, jazz, psychedelia, and soul, combined with a rap sound and rock. Essentially it’s a sound all of his own, which he’s dubbed “psychedelic hip hop”.

Christine And The Queens New Album ‘Chris’ Channels Janet Jackson And Prince (With A Touch Of Chic) While Maintaining A Unique Style

Likely I’m the only person in the world who’s never actively listened to Christine And The Queens, but reviewing this album I find there’s something very intriguing to Christine’s sound, and I’m enjoying it a great deal.

Here’s The Secret To Getting Superfans

Think of some of the most influential music of all time…Beyoncé, The Beatles, Michael Jackson…now think, what made these artists so successful? Sure, they made great music, but who’s listening to that great music? The fans! In this day an age, getting exposure to the right audience is just as important as getting your sound right. Reaching the right audience gives you the best shot at growing your fanbase, getting scouted, playing a live gig or even getting your first album deal. We’ve rounded up some top tips from music industry expert, Chris Grayston, on how to grow your fans and followers.

deedz – ‘Love Letterz’

With a really interesting blend of East meets West, Afrobeats and Reggae, comes deedz with ‘Love Letterz’. It’s a crazy mix but it works – “boom shakalaka!!”

Michael Jackson – ‘Beat It’ (Peter Cloud Remix)

Peter Cloud has done it again! The Italian producer has this time put together an incredible remix of the Michael Jackson classic, ‘Beat It’.

Ayden Morgan Releases New Single ‘I Need Your Love’

With influences including Bruno Mars and The Weeknd, 20 year old Ayden Morgan takes classic synth and drums sounds and gives them a modern edge in his latest release, ‘Need Your Love’.

THIS IS THE POPS – Daniel Ash On His Return To Live Performance With Poptone, Plans for New Material And HIs Enduring Love For The Three-And-A-Half Minute Hit Single

Funny, open and engaging, Daniel Ash is not quite what you might expect from the man behind some of the darkest and most experimental music of…

Judith Hill – ‘The Pepper Club’

Judith Hill has performed backing vocals for Michael Jackson, Josh Brogan, and Stevie Wonder; she additionally dueted with Jackson on ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ during his ‘This Is It’ tour. She opened for on John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ tour in 2014, and had her debut album produced by Prince. Judith auditioned for season four of The Voice, broadcast in 2013, singing Christina Aguilera’s song, ‘What A Girl Wants’, causing all four judges – Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton all pressing their buttons and turning their chairs to choose her. Eventually she chose to join Team Adam, who said, “She’s going to be a Grammy-winning superstar, and she’s on my team”.

Kugar Black Drops 4 Track EP – ‘Playing in The Shadows’

British rapper and producer Kuger Black released his debut EP, ‘Playing In The Shadows’, on 12 March.

Tom-Lee Richards talks about childhood experiences that inspired mini-LP ‘Out of the Oddness

New Zealand artist Tom-Lee Richards summons childhood nostalgia, as he recalls a childhood trauma, in his mini-LP ‘Out of the Oddness’.
He tells us about the LP, which contains songs- like ‘As Far As India’ – that is based on his own life experiences, as well reveals more about his musical influences.

DANU5IK Releases New Single ‘Imagine’

Up and coming artist Danu5ik is an electro house singer, writer, producer and DJ. Drawing comparasions to Avicii and Daft Punk for his dynamic beats and mesmerising vocals, Danu5ik’s new single, ‘Imagine’ was released on 17 November.

Thomas Dolby’s ‘The Speed Of Sound’ Is A Lightning Fast Who’s Who Of Everything

Thomas Dolby is indeed a Connector. His book, ‘The Speed Of Sound’ is on the surface the story of his life to date: the first half about his music, and the second about his life as a pioneer in the computer industry in Silicon Valley.

Dig a little deeper though – and it won’t have to be too deep, and you realise that it’s really about his connections.

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