Alex Cuba feat. Josemi Carmona – ‘Lágrimas del Que Llora’

Latin, Soul, Folk and Rock singer songwriter Alex Cuba celebrates the roots of his songwriting craft with his latest release, ‘Lágrimas de Que Llora’, featuring Josemi Carmona. The track was released on April 8 and is an homage to the Filin (derived from “feeling) song fashion of 1940s Cuba.

Born in Cuba but now based in Smithers, British Columbia, Alex has won two Juno Awards, four Latin Grammy Awards, and been nominated for two Grammys. Recording ‘Lágrimas de Que Llora’ in the famous Musicgrama Studio in Madrid, Spain, the track combines Josemi Carmona’s sensual acoustic flamenco guitar with Alex’s soulful vocals – the result is gloriously poetic.

The video is shot in the studio, focusing on Cuba and Carmona, and consequently nothing detracts from the purity of their sound.

Find out more about Alex Cuba online on his official website, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out his music, including ‘Lágrimas de Que Llora’ on iTunes.


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