Fieldcrest – ‘Empty’

Fieldcrest’s Will and Jena follow up April’s ‘Just Breathe’ with their latest single, ‘Empty’, ahead of their new album, ‘Canvas’.

Diamonds & Whiskey’s ‘Hands Down’, From Debut ‘Dark Country Voodoo’ Is A Molotov Cocktail Of Inspiration

Sounding like a Molotov cocktail thrown into a crowded bar at closing time, Diamonds & Whiskey’s ‘Hands Down’, from their debut album, ‘Dark Country Voodoo’, is a resilient anthem the US could use right now.

Are Jedward Going To Sing For The UK At 2019 Eurovision?

Could Jedward represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019? They’re certainly open to it, if a video uploaded by Spanish Eurovision fan José Ángel Leñero is to be believed.


The multi-platinum-selling coronas will roll out new music ahead of upcoming North American shows, with first tour date Lollapalooza Festival debut on August 5.

‘I Am A Killer’ – Docu-Series Premieres May 29th, 2018

In the same vein as many documentaries on the subject of the most horrific of crimes; murder, this new ten-part series ‘I Am A Killer’, produced for the Crime and Investigation channel, in association with Netflix, will challenge our understanding of what is evil. There is nothing more grimly fascinating than what drives one human being to brutally, and in some cases without remorse, murder another human being.

Gary Numan Holds Court In A Dystopian World At Dublin’s Olympia Theatre 29 March 2018

A long time ago Gary Numan asked ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric’. At the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on 29 March it wasn’t exactly a gathering of friends, but by the end of the evening we all felt we knew each other, so it may as well have been; and the atmosphere was most definitely electric.

Faisal Shafique Shows That Success Is As Much About Determination To Succeed As Anything Else

Born in Pakistan, Faisal Shafique moved to the US at the age of 15 with his parents, and even though he couldn’t at that point speak English, he didn’t let that stop him, and instead through hard work and study developed the communication skills which have allowed him to get where he is today.

US Artist Jared Dylan Marks Move To Ireland With New Release ‘Can’t Stop’ On 16 March

With a library of hundreds of original compositions, and over a million streams on Spotify, 23 year old New Jersey native Jared Dylan has certainly been making a name for himself in his home country. He’s expanding his horizons further this year, with a move to Ireland where he will work with Irish musicians and producers, while at the same time releasing music and touring the island.

Jared’s first Irish release, ‘Can’t Stop’, is out this Friday, March 16, ahead of his EP, due this summer.

#CdB Celebrating David Bowie

This Friday night we’ll be attending the ‘Celebrating David Bowie’ show at Shepherds Bush Empire, a special concert featuring artists who peformed with the legend, as well as guest artists.

Introducing – Over Atlantic!

Over Atlantic are an international band from the UK, US, and Sweden. Based in England, the quintet are Charlie Jones, Sean Killeen, Gabriel Gomér, Liam Ross, and Trevor Cash. The guys are about to set off on their first UK headline tour this October, and our writer Malvika Padin had the chance to catch up with them.

MTV To Debut Original Content On Social Media With ‘Single AF’

Original content broadcasting started moving away from TV quite some time ago, with the advent of YouTube and other internet-based video hosting sites. Now with the rise and rise of social media, broadcasters are looking in other directions for fresh, unique approaches to share their programmes.

Jedward Are Looking For Love On New MTV Show ‘Single AF’

John and Edward Grimes have had a strong female following right from the earliest days, and this continues to the present time, with the majority of their fandom made up of girls and women.