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Over Atlantic are an international band from the UK, US, and Sweden. Based in England, the quintet are Charlie Jones, Sean Killeen, Gabriel Gomér, Liam Ross, and Trevor Cash. The guys are about to set off on their first UK headline tour this October, and our writer Malvika Padin had the chance to catch up with them.

EP: How would you describe your sound?

OA: The new songs we’ve been writing are indie pop with a darker feel. Our debut EP we put out in April is pop rock. We’re planning on recording new music in the near future and we’re really excited about it.

EP: What do you think makes Over Atlantic stand out from the crowd?

OA: We all write on all our songs and play instruments which is a little unique for a pop band. We also all have different musical backgrounds which diversifies our sound.

EP: You are heading out on a UK tour in October. What are your expectations? Do you have a bigger fan base in UK or US?

OA: We expect people to be surprised by our new and improved set and sound. We think people are gonna get a little bit of a shock (in a good way). We also expect to have a lot of fun and meet lots of new people. We have a bigger fan base in the U.K. but our fanbase consists of many countries and places. We hope to get the US and all the other places soon.

EP: Any particular incidents or stories to do with fans from gigs and tours so far?

OA: It’s so awesome meeting our fans on a daily basis on tour. Our fans are really creative and funny and they surprise us constantly with things they say and give to us. Seeing new faces at our show is always an amazing feeling as well.

EP: What do you think are the best and worst parts of being on tour?

OA: The worst part of being on tour is the lack of showers and vegetables haha. But the best part is doing what we love every night.

EP: Describe your fan base in 5 words.

OA: Loyal, dedicated, funny, amazing, and we’ll break the rules for the last part and say they’re the best fans in the world.

EP: You describe yourselves as an international band. Do you hope to have a world tour and extend your reach worldwide in the future?

OA: Our goal is always to tour as many places as possible. We hope to see as many places and play for as many people as we can.

EP: What would you say is the hardest part about being a self-funded, independent group? (Besides it being expensive that is!)

OA: Because we’re independent, we have to put in as much work as a label would for a bigger artist. We do as much as we can to grow and expand our fanbase daily. It’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

EP: Do you guys have any pre-stage rituals?

OA: We don’t really have any rituals, we’re always pretty loud and crazy so we just try and get each other hyped up for the show.

EP: Have you met any famous people yet? And if given the chance, who would you most like to share a stage with?

OA: We’ve met a lot of people we look up to since we’ve been a band. If we could share the stage with anyone, we’d probably have to say Shawn Mendes as he’s killing it right now in the music industry and a tour with him would be great for us.

EP: The band has a pretty active YouTube channel. Of all the covers you’ve done, which ones have been your favourite so far?

OA: It’s usually the newest one that ends up being our favourite. We just did a cover of ‘Staying Up’ by The Vamps and Matoma and we all like that one a lot.

EP: What’s next music-wise for you guys? Any new music in the pipeline?

OA: We’ve been writing a bunch and are making plans to record soon. We can’t wait to get the new songs out to people, we’re all really excited about them.

You can find Over Atlantic online on their official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tickets and further information about Over Atlantic’s tour this October are available from See Tickets.

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