Introducing: Mikkokoo

Mikkokoo. Photo by Tero Puha

Mikko Karhu is an Alternative Electronica Indie Pop Singer Songwriter/Sound Artist from Finland. Performing as Mikkokoo and these days based in London, he released his debut album, “Gauzes” last year. A collaboration with Losta (aka Stavros Chatzikian), who played keyboards, arranged the songs and produced the album, Mikko wrote and sang all the lyrics on “Gauzes”, while the pair composed the music together.

“Gauzes” is an assail on the senses, but not in a bad way. It surprises and confronts the listener, and if you listen to the lyrics you realise it’s more or less a concept album with the base theme of life and getting through it. Lead track, “Goal”, is a hypnotic dance number with a robotic voice overlaid on electronic beats and rhythms, it speaks of achieving your dreams, and the journey taken to get there. “Door Flower”, a song about the twist and turns (often unexpected) of surviving life, is part rap, part dance – and very catchy. “Only In My Mind”, is about the challenges of not knowing how to get out of the situation you’re in, while “Dilemmas” is about sacrifices we have to make when faced with the differences between ourselves and those we love.

We particularly enjoyed “Stolen Secrets”, a song about being different and believing in yourself. Should we ask for help, or not? It’s a song everyone can relate to, performed in a melancholy, dreamy style.

You can find Mikkokoo on Instagram, Reverbnation, Website, Youtube, Mixcloud, Ello, Spotify, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter. You can buy “Gauzes” from iTunesAmazon, and Bandcamp, which also has a limited edition CD available, featuring an extra song, “Holster”.

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