METAL MACHINE MUSIC – Sophomore Album ‘On All Fours’ Sees Goat Girl Embracing Electronics

They’re a curious bunch, this Goat Girl band. Named after US comic Bill Hick’s randy Pan-like alter-ego Goat Boy, they’ve adopted their own Punk-ish,…

Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters Drop Self-Titled Deep House / Techno EP

Head Fake return with their new self-titled EP, , a collaboration with London-based Deep House / Dub artists, Dub Fu Masters. The three track record is a fun concept and which combines the anonymous trio’s signature retro 80s sound with a modern pop / dance vibe.

Nii Co. Releases Latest Single, ‘In My Dreams’

NII CO. was previously signed to Warner Music Philippines and had released three singles with the label before rebranding himself as NII CO. The pop and future bass producer has released his latest single, ‘In My Dreams’, a song appropriate for these pandemic times, about the fear of loneliness, and the search for love and companionship.

Ready, Steady, Die! – ‘Woebetide’

You’re bound to feel the name of Morgan Visconti, one half of Ready, Steady, Die! is familiar, and you’d be right. He’s the son of Bowie Alum Tony Visconti, and along with UK singer-songwriter Sam K, has formed Ready, Steady Die!, which sees the pair divide their time between New York and London, as well as the vocal and composing duties. Additionally, Visconti produces for the duo.

Tex Moonlight Delivers Neo-Folk Vibes On ‘Roll You Up’

Growing up in Baltimore, but now based in the South Bay area of LA, singer songwriter Tex Moonlight fuses together Americana and Electronica, creating a sound he’s dubbed, “Americonica”. His latest single, ‘Roll You Up’, is the lead track on his debut album, ‘Moonshot’, which he released on November 15 last year.

Stephen Jones Babybird promo poc

BEAST OF STEPHEN – Babybird’s Stephen Jones On Being Drawn To The Dark Side, Johnny Depp and New LP ‘Photosynthesis’

Heard of Trucker, The Arthritis Kid, Outsider, Deluder? How about Black Reindeer, The Great Sadness, or Death of the Neighbourhood? Nope? Well it might…

Sadventure Releases Debut Single ‘All You Ever Said’

Officially a “sadboi” as well as a singer/songwriter, Sadventure’s debut single, ‘All You Ever Said’, is out today, 30 August.

ALL’S FUR IN LOVE AND WAR – M1nk Serve Up A Seductive Noir Thriller Tinged With Berlin Decadence

Anglo-Greek duo Erika Bach and Barry Snaith’s debut album is an unflinching exploration of the dark side of desire. It comes as no surprise…

Tritonal ‘Hard Pass’ (ft. Ryann) and ‘Diamonds’ (ft. Rosie Darling)

Progressive House, Electro House, and Trance Future Bass are all styles that David Reed and Chad Cisneros have experimented with in over a decade of working together as Tritonal. They’ve won the respect and recognition of some of the biggest names in electronic music, including Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Above & Beyond, to name a few. They’ve taken Tritonal to the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Electric Zoo, Creamfields in Australia, Ultra Music Festival, and other top notch EDM events. On top of all that, with ‘Air Up There’, and their new Tritonia show on Sirius XM, they show themselves to be both skilled and discerning radio hosts.

Tremble – ‘What Is Anything’

If you think Los Angeles is one of those places that you need a car to get around, then you’ve probably not been there. Take Downtown LA – DTLA to the locals and those who know – it’s best to navigate it on foot, and that way you get to see the alleyways and back streets that show the City Of Angels in its truest offbeat light. Tremble are all Los Angelinos, and the trio know their way around the often grimy neighbourhoods of the city’s centre. ‘What Is Anything’, the band’s latest single, is a love letter to LA, with the video a sleekly stylish tour of Little Tokyo, and the Arts District.

Future West - 'Human' - Artwork by Charlotte Schreiber

Future West Is ‘Human’ Just Like You

Future West is the performance name of London based Irish multi-instrumentalist and producer, Francis Watters. His latest track, ‘Human’, is a synth-heavy, electronic track, evoking Gary Numan, 80s Bowie, and Arctic Monkeys circa 2009-2012.

It’s Life Jim But Not As We Know It: ‘The Force Remains The Same’ Is New From Protovulcan

Protovulcan are a trio from Chicago whose music is as alien as the name of their band.

Ambient Electronic Artist DYVR Explores Concept Of Modern Masculinity With Vulnerable Track ‘Shameful’

Released in October via Veta Records, DYVR’s new single, ‘Shameful’, tackles the view of toxic masculinity, where men view emotions as something to be suppressed.

The Silver Snails – ‘Ave Maria a Zio Virgilio’

The goal of The Silver Snails is to create the world’s finest pop rock, and to open hearts through sound, light, and word. A joint Italian and US venture between lead singer Lucas Ward and his wife Elisa Fantini, The Silver Snails take their inspiration from their home in the wine country of Romangna, Italy, yet at the same time they create contemporary pop-rock for a global audience.

Delerium & JES – ‘Stay’

Delerium started in the late 1980s as a side project for Bill Leeb and Michael Balch, who were both at that time part of the electro-industrial group, Front Line Assembly. Balch left the group in 1989, after the release of their first album, ‘Faces, Form & Illusions’. The band was joined by Rhys Fulber soon after. Delerium have blended everything from dark trance, to electro-pop, and since the release of their album, ‘Semantic Spaces’, in 1994, they’ve teamed up with guest vocalists, releasing classics such as ‘Silence’, which featured Sarah McLachlan. More recently, their track ‘Stay’, appeared on their album ‘Mythologie’, which was released on Philadelphia label, Metropolis Records, in 2016.

Poland’s PiMO Releases Two Electronic Tracks – ‘Pure Love’ And ‘Hunter’

PiMO is a musical artist from Warsaw Poland, and is set to release two tracks, ‘Pure Love’, and ‘Hunter’, on 25 September.

Calypso-Inspired ‘Normal’ New From This Human Condition Ahead Of Forthcoming EP

This Human Condition is back, with ‘Normal’, an electronic Calypso – Calypso-tronica if you like – inspired track, with the message that it’s okay not to be “normal”.

Sealskin – ‘Like Wind’

Sealskin is an electronic musician, singer, songwriter, and producer, based in Barcelona. Her latest single, ‘Like Wind’, is ethereal and the perfect track for this long hot summer.

ATSOLOK – ‘Dance With The Devil’ Ft. Future Cartel

From Nijmegen in the Netherlands, DJ and Producer ATSOLOK is best known for his ability to produce any genre or beat, and mix all of them when performing live on stage. He spends most of his time in the studio creating new tracks. ‘Dance With The Devil’ sees him collaborate with Future Cartel, with whom he’s worked previously.

Naked Congress – ‘In My Room’

Naked Congress started back in 1985, and although they had many offers from record companies, the desire to remain true to themselves meant they stayed independent. Zoom forward to 2018, times have changed, and so has Naked Congress, now the “one man band” of Mazo, aka Magnus Bergentz.

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