Ready, Steady, Die! – ‘Woebetide’

You’re bound to feel the name of Morgan Visconti, one half of Ready, Steady, Die! is familiar, and you’d be right. He’s the son of Bowie Alum Tony Visconti, and along with UK singer-songwriter Sam K, has formed Ready, Steady Die!, which sees the pair divide their time between New York and London, as well as the vocal and composing duties. Additionally, Visconti produces for the duo.

Together, Morgan and Sam take dream pop, electronic rock, and darkwave, and transform them into something of their very own creation, which, like the work of Morgan’s Dad, is set to last the test of time.

Latest single, ‘Woebetide’, is all at once sweet and immense; destabilising, and yet enveloping. Sam K finds her way through the waves of rich distortion and guitar feedback, which alternates between throbbing synths. If she was a less-able vocalist she’d lose her way, but instead, she fights her way through the seeming whirlpool of sound. The perfect balance between instrumental and vocal is achieved.

The video for ‘Woebetide’ is no less perfect. Consisting of aerial footage shot in the Catskills, we see treetops, ethereal and otherworldly. Visconti incorporates various visual effects such as folding the forest back on itself, doubling and tripling the trees, and mirroring the hills. He takes a reality and turns it into a dream landscape, resulting in an incredible accompaniment for such a hypnotic song.

Visit Ready, Steady, Die! on their official website. Watch the video for ‘Woebetide’ below.

Ready, Steady, Die! - Woebetide [Official Video]

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