AV Super Sunshine – ‘Baby Goodbye 2020’

AV Super Sunshine’s new single isn’t that at all. It’s a new arrangement. Originally released in 2014, ‘Baby Goodbye’ was followed by a hip-hop remix video, and 3 years later, ‘Baby Goodbye 2017 Dance’, a club-flavoured house-remix. ‘Baby Goodbye 2020’ is an updated take on the original, effortlessly smooth-gliding, while combining modern sounds with a heavy dose of retro-guitar heavy 60s psych, 70s hard rock, and soulful female vocals.

AV Super Sunshine Asks ‘Are You Happy?’ From ‘Candyland Remixes Vol. 1’

We touched on AV Super Sunshine’s latest release ‘Are You Happy?’ the other day, so this will be more about the video for the single. Regular readers will know all too well the music of the Wisconsin native, whose electronic bubblegum pop is a breath of fresh air in a world of oh so serious musicians – not that there’s anything wrong with being earnest! ‘Are You Happy?’ is the first track from AV Super Sunshine’s new album, ‘Candyland Remixes Vol. 1’.