Who You Gonna Call? We Speak To AV Super Sunshine About Latest Single, ‘Scarecrow’, And All Things Supernatural

We recently wrote about AV Super Sunshine’s latest single, ‘Scarecrow‘, and we’re pleased to announce that the track is currently #17 on the DRT Global Rock Airplay chart. There’s a lot about ‘Scarecrow’ that felt like it came from more than just AV’s imagination – clearly it was written from personal experience. With that in mind, and because we enjoy chatting to AV, we took the opportunity to speak to him and find out some more.

Hi there, thanks for speaking to us today! I’ve really enjoyed your single, ‘Scarecrow’, and the video is quite appropriately creepy for spooky season! How did you come up with the concept for the song and video clip?

Philomena and myself, believe it or not, had a ghost problem with all sorts of scary things happening. We tried quite a few different things to get rid of them. One of the things we tried was putting ghost mirrors up above all the outside doors to trick the ghosts. They sell them at Asian grocery stores. The belief is that if the ghost sees its own reflection, it thinks it’s another ghost and gets scared and will leave. The ghost’s reflection acts as a scarecrow of sorts. Ultimately, it didn’t work so we moved. 

That’s where I got the idea for a song about using a scarecrow to scare away ghosts and demons. The “pop mix” video clip just fell together. After I posted it, filmmaker Jared Sagal saw it and begged to do a video for the song. I sent him the full band mix and that’s how the “rock mix” video was created. Both the “pop mix” and the “rock mix” ‘Scarecrow’ music videos are available for view on our YouTube channel.

Tell us about your experiences with the supernatural. Were you always a believer?

Probably since I was a small child. In high school I had a friend who bought a copy of Robert Monroe’s “Journeys Out Of The Body”. Basically, that book is a guide to astral projection.  My friend and I would share our experiences out there.  Having someone to compare notes with really helped the learning progression and the result was that we got good at it. Ultimately, I had too many bad experiences which were pretty scary, so I approach it differently now. I could tell you some pretty freaky experiences and stories.

We last spoke to you about a year ago, with the release of your album ARTROCK. What’s been happening since then, what have you and the lovely Philomena been up to?

Actually, I never dropped the full release of ‘ARTROCK’. That’s because it’s a record of radio singles. We have dropped six tracks to radio so far, the last being ‘Judas’ this past March. I was going to drop it with the next single, however, after the pandemic ended, I decided to switch it up and go back to dropping the record I shelved when the pandemic started, which is ‘Candyland’, and its accompanying ‘Candyland Remixes Volume 2’. We dropped ‘Candyland Remixes Volume 1’ back just as the pandemic was starting.

It didn’t make sense to drop ‘Candyland’ and the accompanying dance remix record ‘Candyland Remixes’.

Check out the video for the rock radio mix of ‘Scarecrow’ below, and find out more about AV Super Sunshine and his music online on his official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

AV Super Sunshine - Scarecrow (rock radio mix)

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