We Keep The Spooky Season Going With AV Super Sunshine’s Single, ‘Scarecrow’

Halloween may have been last week, but spooky season is all year round for AV Super Sunshine. His latest single, ‘Scarecrow’, with its supernatural video, isn’t all creepiness though, it’s a full-on bop as well.

Back in High School AV Super Sunshine was known merely by his government name of Andy Victor. Even then though AV saw his future in the arts, albeit the visual arts. When he picked up a guitar he set off on a new path, but he’s kept his hand in the visual as well, his quirky music videos allowing him to express that part of his personality.

Based on his real-life supernatural experiences, ‘Scarecrow’ is not one for the faint-hearted. AV’s home in Wisconsin is near a graveyard, where he and his muse Philomena say they have been haunted by many of them. AV built a scarecrow to hold them off, but that wasn’t enough, the ghosts continued to follow him wherever he went.

‘Scarecrow’, with its pop/EDM instrumental, will have you bopping out no matter your location, and the song itself will make you think that being haunted 24/7 isn’t too bad a prospect. With the fun repetition of “ghosts come out”, it’s not that hard to lose yourself a little. But ‘Scarecrow’ is a bit deeper than it first seems. We all have ghosts that track us through our lives, thoughts, ideas, memories of our past that never fully go away. It’s up to us to work out if we want to keep fighting them, or acknowledge the part they play in making us who we are.

The music video for ‘Scarecrow’ is quite freaky and includes plenty of AV Super Sunshine standard fare – mannequins, dolls – but also ghosts, tombstones, and derelict houses. Halloween stuff. AV’s wife and muse, Philomena, naturally appears in the clip, this time playing a character who is turning her husband into a scarecrow to keep the ghosts away. In the end though, we see that AV is anything but scary. He’s living his happy life, and is far from frightening.

Check out the music video for ‘Scarecrow’ below, and find out more about AV Super Sunshine and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

AV Super Sunshine - Scarecrow (pop radio mix)

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