AV Super Sunshine – ‘Smile’

AV Super Sunshine is back and his drive and energy leaves the rest of us in his wake. He’s been super busy building the Super Sunshine sound, with songs and videos including ‘Love NYD’, ‘I Am Alien’ and ‘Star Man’ bringing this cosmic superstar to the wider world.

AV Super Sunshine’s latest track is a remix of ‘Smile’, maintaining the trippy mesmerising attitude of the original. It features a tight bass rhythm and propulsive beat, and comes with an equally psych video.

For the clip AV Super Sunshine turned once again to his long term collaborator, Jared Sagal. A collection of shots of AV and his muse Philomena, serenading and engaging with the camera; they’ve been spliced together with a variety of throwback tv shows, commercials, and emojis. It’s a stunning and playful clip, with both video and song coming together seamlessly.

Find out more about AV Super Sunshine from his official website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Check out AV Super Sunshine’s music on iTunes, as well as from his online store.


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