We’re Having A ‘Break Thru’ With DEF MACHINE’s Rap/Gospel Track, Featuring MOD Diggidy And DEF SQUAD

The first of two DEF MACHINE clips for today, ‘Break Thru’ takes listeners through a sort of spiritual enlightenment, and encourages them to push through the tough times, remembering there’s always a better day waiting.

Serving as the bridge between generations, DEF MACHINE give listeners the opportunity for listeners to see the journey music has travelled to get to where it is today, while at the same time showing there’s plenty of life yet in the classic sounds. Sounding like a modern day Beastie Boys, DEF MACHINE gives musicians and producers the opportunity to take their raw talent – instruments, voice, and sound – and showcase the result.

Choral backing vocals open ‘Break Thru’, soon giving way to a poetic rap, accompanied by the sounds of strings and synth electronica stylings. MOD Diggidy gives a quick fire summation of The Word of God, not holding back on the perils of straying from it, sharing what consequences to expect.

The music video for ‘Break Thru’ stays true to this narrative, and begins by panning down the aisle of a majestic cathedral, alighting MOD Diggidy, positioned at the altar, behind a huge Bible. What follows from there are visuals of sadness, war, and the devil, but the gloom and despair is soon replaced by the blue skies of heaven, and the promise of new life, as the piano and bass take over the instrumentation.

You can watch ‘Break Thru’ below. DEF MACHINE and their music can be found online on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

DEF MACHINE Feat. Mod Diggidy and Def Squad "Break Thru" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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