Carbon County Release Music Video Featuring Tommy Chong For Latest Single, ‘Panic’

‘Panic’ is the new single and video from Carbon County, a duo whose identities are hidden beneath gas masks and all body haz-mat suits. The fun doesn’t stop with their appearance either, with their pop-punk sound guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance.

The track ‘Panic’ is taken from the soundtrack of the new motion picture, ‘Millennium Bugs’, set in Los Angeles at the end of 1999, which was directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin. Marin was also responsible for the video for ‘Panic’, and the clip certainly matches the pace and power of the song. The song would be perfect even if it wasn’t part of the film – and likewise the film would be just as memorable – combined however they are quite the memorable experience.

Speaking of ‘Millennium Bugs’, Marin says,

“Set in the last week of 1999, best friends Kelly and Miguel find themselves on the cusp of their future. Kelly has been floating through life after her parent’s death. Drowning herself in alcohol and drugs. When her inheritance money runs out, Kelly is slapped with the realities of her actions. Her best friend Miguel is torn between his immigrant parent’s expectations and his dream to become a comedian. The pressure to pursue his dreams while defying the sacrifices his parents made for him pushes Miguel to the brink. Together, Kelly and Miguel along the rest of the world find themselves wondering what’s next.”

‘Panic’ is high velocity, packed to the rafters with power chords, punchy beats, and punk rock attitudes. While ‘Millennium Bugs’ is set in LA, Carbon County are from Brooklyn, and established themselves in the New York scene with their track, ‘Get Up And Die’. It doesn’t matter what their origins are however; their message of time running out transcends location, and fits perfectly with the plotline of ‘Millennium Bugs’, whose protagonists have no time to waste – Carbon County don’t either.

The clip for ‘Panic’ was, like the film ‘Millennium Bugs’, directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin, and he’s provided some celebrity bling in the form of his friend, the legendary Tommy Chong. Tommy plays the grumpy manager of Desi’s Coin Laundry, on Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles. He goes out in the middle of an electrical storm, just before a blackout, leaving the store in the charge of a pair who make good use of their time, enjoying a few brews. They also enjoy the musical entertainment of Carbon County, who manifest in the middle of the laundromat, at the peak of the storm. Carbon County seem to be in control – they command bright colours and they appear, buzzing with energy and lit up neon. The band disappears as quickly as they appeared, and Tommy Chong returns to his business, which is by now filled with confetti and streamers.

Watch the music video for ‘Panic’ below, and find out more about Carbon County and their music online on Facebook, and Instagram.

Carbon County - Panic (Official Music Video)

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