SINGLE: Rachael Sage Reveals the Enchanting ‘The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)’ from Upcoming Album ‘Another Side’

Rachael Sage, the folk-Americana singer and multi-instrumentalist from New York, makes a diverse comeback with her upcoming project, ‘Another Side’, set to release on May 17th. This album offers a fresh interpretation of her 2023 release, ‘Other Side’, highlighting her versatility. The track ‘The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)’ is presented in its purest form, maintaining its status as an instant classic.

Led by Sage’s distinct, warm-toned vocals, ‘The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)’ is a harmonious mixture of serene acoustics, complimented by minimal production. Exemplified by her unique charisma, the new single is embedded with a gorgeous blend of nostalgic instrumentation and humorous lyrics. Adopting a prominent magical quality throughout, her hypnotic melodies are the shining focus, evolving and taking ‘The Place Of Fun’ to a wondrous new dimension. 

Rachael Sage has gathered oceans of praise throughout her career, winning over audiences with an array of heartwarming, genre-defying albums and sharing stages with americana-folk greats such as Imelda May and Howard Jones. With an exceptional new set of collaborations on ‘Another Side’, including esteemed folk artist Crys Matthews, Sage’s diverse style is elevated to a magnificent realm – the sentimental ‘The Place of Fun (Reimagined)’ is a mere glimpse into the brilliance of what lies ahead. 

Delve into ‘The Place of Fun’ here.

Experience ‘Another Side’ live on Rachael Sage’s UK/US Tour.

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