We Catch Up With MAKO Girls And Speak About Their Goals, Their Music, And Latest Single,  ‘AIN’T THINKIN BOUT YOU’

Three sisters from Atlanta, MAKO Girls ooze confidence and poise with their recent release, ‘AIN’T THINKIN BOUT YOU’. We caught up with them and asked about their music, what their ambitions were, and what’s coming next.

What is your musical dream or goal? Sell out a tour? Have one of your songs go #1 on the Billboard Top 100?

The main goal that we have been shooting for since we started is to sell our arenas and hit the biggest stages like Coachella, Bet Awards, or Grammys just to name a few. And to create timeless music that lives longer than we do leaving a legacy for another legendary girl group. 

Is there a specific target audience that you guys try to create music for?

We create music for people who enjoy good music. It doesn’t always matter the genre, all that matters is if it feels good or if there’s a song for the emotion or situation you might be in. That’s how we like to make music or what we aim for. Overall our music is urban pop / R&B so we also shoot for people who listen to artists like Ariana Grande, Ashnikko, Billie Eilish, or even Nicki Minaj. 

If you could collaborate with any other music artist in the world, who would it be? And why?

If we could collaborate with any artist it probably would be Lil Jon! We know that was a curve ball, but we love that energy, and one day we want a song similar to “Yeah” by Ysher that gets the party started. Or it’s used in many ways because of how that song feels. Plus that would be ATL all the way! 

I understand you guys are all sisters, which one of you developed your love for music first?

All of us hopped into music at the same time in 2013 after watching the Mindless Behavior documentary. And before watching the movie we all were already in a group together dancing and doing different talent shows and showcases. 

You guys are very talented dancers. Is that something you guys would like to be known for in addition to your singing?

Yes, because we started out dancing first. It’s something we enjoyed doing for fun at parties, then over the years we became known for it through our social media and now we want people to know that we are the girl group that moves when we hit the stage. 

What do you guys think makes your music special? What kind of makes it stand out from other people’s music?

We feel like what makes us stand out is our sound, especially from different girl groups. We incorporate a lot of bass, it’s an ATL swag that is infused into every song. And we all do it all, we each can sing, dance, and rap. 

What is your favorite song that you guys have made?

Ooouu, everyone’s answers separately would be different answers. But collectively AINT THINKIN BOUT YOU has to be it. It has so much energy that matches our personalities perfectly, we are saying a message in the most MAKO way. And the song continues to build, it’s live, there is chatting, and harmonies, and you want to move as soon as you hear it. 

What does the future hold for MAKO Girls?

The future is endless for us! We are here to create our legacy, maybe even change the way things are done in the industry because we as a girl group tap into every interest we have. And continue to build a strong fan base that loves us and will have our music live on forever.

Watch the music video for ‘AIN’T THINKIN BOUT YOU’ here, and check out MAKO Girls online on their official websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

MAKO Girls - AIN'T THINKIN BOUT YOU (Official Music Video)

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