Spider Cherry Doesn’t Let Being A ‘Little Bit Shy’ Stop Him From Doing Anything

Originally from the UK but now living in South Florida, Spider Cherry is the performance name of singer songwriter, Nathan Mercado. His latest release, ‘Little Bit Shy’ is a fun, piano-driven piece, accompanied by an equally upbeat music video that will have you laughing, while sympathising for him at the same time.

Sharply composed with elements of glam-rock, contemporary pop, and carnival music – think Split Enz, The Darkness, and T-Rex. There’s a toy piano, dance beats that you’ll bop along to without realising, and a lead guitar that is delightfully distorted. Spider Cherry is both funny and irreverent, confident, pugnacious, yet shy; he delivers the track with a showmanship that is matched by few others out there. His behaviour is wild and at times erratic, but the song serves as an explanation, and in part an apology. He acknowledges he does things because of his ADHD, and concedes, “I’m a baby, but I do not cry.”

The music video for ‘Little Bit Shy’, directed by Kid Wonderlust, takes this a bit further. He’s an infant in a nappy, wrecking the kitchen, acting on impulse, indulging in his every whim. He interrupts dates, splashes in the bath, and causes distress for his mother. He’s only a baby when he’s unable to get his own way; and in so doing he somehow manages to solve all his problems.

Check out the uproarious music video for Little Bit Shy’ below and find out more about Spider Cherry and his music online on his official website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Spider Cherry - Little Bit Shy (Official Music Video)


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