Fayro Delivers It Hot With Latest Release, ‘Hickory Dickory’

Hip hop artist Fayro takes his name from the great kings of ancient Egypt, which is also where his hometown of Memphis gets its name. Fayro has taken the rough times in his life and turned them into a positive outlook. He lived through the diagnosis and subsequent death of his brother from leukemia, and in so doing turned his life around, and redirected it towards music inwardly, and the military outwardly. He faced combat – including a helicopter crash in Iraq – and on his return overcame his trauma by diving deep into his songwriting, tapping into his Panamanian roots, and embracing a more worldly sound. Along the way he discovered the beats of his soon-to-be producer and life partner Cymphani, and together their sound fusion provides the soundtrack for his words, which turn his experiences into expression.

Fayro founded Arcelio Productions (named for his late brother), and his upcoming album, ‘ so that no one can touch this guy now. It’s Fayro’s kingdom, and we’re all just living in it. Pay homage to your new rap god by awaiting his upcoming album ‘Weight On It’, is set for release in March this year,.

Fayro’s new single, ‘Hickory Dickory’, is set against a sinister beat produced by Cymphani, and the artist riffs and rhymes around the seduction and danger of infidelity. With witty, genuine, and downright savage one-liners, it’s a song that will echo in your head for hours after it’s finished.

The music video for ‘Hickory Dickory’ holds nothing back, as it parodies the pornographic tropes of infidelity, as a couple in a troubled relationship have dealings with, in turn, a pizza delivery guy, plumber, and yoga instructor. It’s all tongue in cheek, and yet for all its silliness it exposes the underlying pornographic problems behind unfaithfulness. You can watch it for yourself below. While you’re still here, be sure to check out more about Fayro and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Fayro - Hickory Dickory (Directors Cut)

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