The Essential Advent Calendar – December 10: Rohan Solomon Is Bridging Continents With His Festive Video Drop, ‘It’s Christmas’

Global Radio chart-topping Singer-Songwriter and producer Rohan Solomon, shared a modern-nostalgic music video for his hit single ‘It’s Christmas‘ on December 4, 2023.

A multi-faceted artist who wears many hats, Rohan Solomon has kept his date with December and unveiled the video for his global holiday hit.  His journey – a fascinating interplay between his roots in New Delhi and his experiences in New York – mirrors the evolution of his music, particularly It’s Christmas. The music video is a culmination of a narrative that began with the song’s first release in 2021. Starting at number 27 on the Global Radio Charts and climbing to the ‘Top 5’, this track defies the conventional trajectory of Christmas music, especially for an artist from India, where the genre is often seen as uncharted territory.

What makes It’s Christmas stand out is its ability to encapsulate the essence of the holiday season: warm holiday lights, the communal glow of a bonfire, and the joy of familial gatherings. “It’s the time of the year again when people come together…” Croons Solomon whose musical prowess shines through as he plays the piano, his voice a rich, velvety embrace that draws you into a world of festive cheer. The song boasts of a handsome guitar solo as well, played by Solomon himself.

It’s Christmas also garnered impressive reviews from international media that applauded Solomon’s ingenuity as an artist, producer and vocalist while congratulating him for a brave attempt to release a Christmas track — which is considered both difficult and risky for an artist. 

Once the lead of New Delhi’s Alt-Rock band Cyanide, Solomon has made significant strides in music from an early age. Relocating to New York, the now New Delhi, India-based artist was associated with Anderson Paak’s Grammy-winning Bubblin‘ as an assistant engineer and was part of the trio By Chance. His recent work includes the protest song We Demand Change, which climbed to the top 5 on the Euro Indie Music Charts and top 20 of the World Indie Music Charts. The powerful track gained significant praise from the media and audiences as ‘a fierce poignant anthem’ and ‘pean of hope’. We Demand Change was ‘Submitted for Consideration for a Grammy’ under the ‘Best Rock Performance’ category.  

Additionally, Solomon has made his mark as a producer, working on singer Aditi Iyer S globally charted Deleted Your Number and Kiara Chettri’s Why. A celebrated artist and Producer, Solomon completed 20 years in the industry in 2023 and dropped a full-length orchestral-pop album titled ‘Strung Out To Dry’ in October this year, which showcased his growth both as a singer-songwriter and a producer. 

Check out the music video for ‘It’s Christmas’ below, and get into the festive spirit!

It's Christmas - Rohan Solomon

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