Neha Takes Us For Some ‘Retail Therapy’ With Latest Pop Drop

Neha landed a 6 figure job as a software engineer straight out of college, but now she’s an and coming East Coast pop rap phenomenon. Her new single and video, ‘Retail Therapy’, is an absolute banger, and shows that she means business with whatever she does.

Given Neha was in the school choir, and had Indian Classical Music training, outside of her academic pursuits, it’s not entirely difficult to see why she might also look to music for a career. She also absorbed the music released by hip-hop legends such as Biggie Smalls, The Wu-tang Clan, and Nicki Minaj, further feeding her passion for making her own sound. Not long after she landed her job, working in Manhattan for a Seattle-based company, she realised corporate climbing wasn’t the challenge for her, and set about honing her talents into a craft and career that is now reaping dividends.

Previous releases, such as ‘Backslide’, and ‘Better Watch What You Say’, along with the fearlessness with which she experiments with sounds and syllables, have seen her build up a formidable reputation, and legions of dedicated fans. New track, ‘Retail Therapy’, is every bit as good as the former drops, and perhaps even more so.

‘Retail Therapy’ examines what remains of exes after they’ve gone. In the case of Neha, the subject in question left behind plenty of expensive trinkets, in the form of Hennessy, Fendi, and Gucci, all in an attempt to buy her love. Neha however is nobody’s kept woman, and with the empowerment and wit her fans have come to know and love, she spits out bar after bar of savage lines, such as, “I don’t need your gifts, but I still rock ’em on a night out.”

The music video for ‘Retail Therapy’, directed by Melvin Pacheco, who previously directed the clip for ‘Better Watch What You Say’, and was the camera op for ‘Backslide’, takes a deep dive into Neha’s life in New York. We join her as she cleans the house of photos, clothes, bottles, and bling, taking it to the beach and setting it on fire – not a flinch or second glance to be seen. It’s the ultimate exercise in burning bridges – and a lesson in class we can all learn from.

Check out the slick music video for ‘Retail Therapy’ below, and find out more about Neha and her music online on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

NEHA - Retail Therapy (Official Music Video)

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