Singer-Songwriter Wai Lana Floats Away On The ‘River Of Forgiveness’

We’ve been following Wai Lana’s musical journey for a long time now – since 2017 to be exact, with her single, ‘Oh My Sweet Lord‘, released in July that year. Now from the artist who has long devoted her life to yoga and its spiritual wisdom, comes her latest single, ‘River Of Forgiveness’. It’s no co-incidence that Wai Lana’s singles are released in July; International Yoga Day occurs on July 21, and Wai Lana has released a music video every year, since 2015, to coincide with the holiday, in a celebration of peace, happiness, hope, and respect.

This year, the singer-songwriter has released her new single, ‘River Of Forgiveness’, to additionally align with the International Day of Friendship (August 7), as well as Global Forgiveness Day (July 7), and the lyrics serve as an expression about how to forge new, and repair old, relationships with friends, family, and neighbours.

In the first half of the song, the lyrics are extremely open, as they speak of how people can be angry, and hold grudges, with those we should love. Every word has been crafted with the aim of showing how our relationships can be tested during confrontation. Wai Lana reflects on how negative feelings and energy can overtake us; giving us advice on how to improve this state of being. For the second half, she shows us how to let go of these grudges, and to welcome the cleansing power of the River of Forgiveness.

The music video sees Wai Lana forming a snowball, while expressing her frustration, to smash it. She then stamps on iced-over water, breaking it; the symbolism of a broken heart is not lost here. She looks at framed photos of people, and, revealing herself to be imprisoned, smashes it on the floor. Her cooped up rage is finally relieved when she reconciles with her loved ones, and the world once again becomes bright and joyful.

Watch the video for ‘River Of Forgiveness’ below, and follow Wai Lana online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

River of Forgiveness by Wai Lana - Official Music Video

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