Singer-Songwriter Wai Lana Floats Away On The ‘River Of Forgiveness’

We’ve been following Wai Lana’s musical journey for a long time now – since 2017 to be exact, with her single, ‘Oh My Sweet Lord’, released in July that year. Now from the artist who has long devoted her life to yoga and its spiritual wisdom, comes her latest single, ‘River Of Forgiveness’. It’s no co-incidence that Wai Lana’s singles are released in July; International Yoga Day occurs on July 21, and Wai Lana has released a music video every year, since 2015, to coincide with the holiday, in a celebration of peace, happiness, hope, and respect.

Wai Lana – ‘Lay Me Down’

Yoga, wellness, meditation, and all round healthy lifestyle aficionado Wai Lana has provided inspiration for millions of people around the world, primarily through public tv’s longest running fitness series, which she created, directs, and hosts. As part of her lifestyle promotion, Wai Lana has released a new single and video, every year since 2015, to coincide with International Yoga Day. This year, while the world is in Covid-19 lockdown, she’s released perhaps the most inspirational and hopeful single of them all, ‘Lay Me Down’.