Wai Lana – ‘Colors’

For over forty years Wai Lana has worked to introduce to people to the benefits of mediation through yoga, and has a TV series, ‘Wai Lana Yoga’, which she co-directs and hosts.

The show has aired for over eighteen years and is the longest running fitness series in the history of public television. She also has a music career, and has released many projects, starting with ‘Yoga Sound’, in 1998. Her latest song ‘Colors’ has been produced in honour of the 4th annual International Day Of Yoga, and is part of a new album she’s working on, called ‘Beyond Time And Space’.

The video for ‘Colors’ is a colourful visual addition to her vibrant personality and celebrates life, diversity, and people coming together in spite of their differences. People from all ways of life come together in synchronised choreography, changing in and out of many-coloured clothes. Speaking of the video, Wai Lana says,

“We are brothers and sisters not because we have the same family name, or the same color skin, but because we are spiritual beings, eternally connected to the Supreme Soul.”

Find out more about Wai Lana and her music on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as her official website.

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