BVRGER – ‘Miss.Call’

Rome based producer and songwriter BVRGER has released the sensual but equally vital track, ‘Miss.Call’.

‘Miss.Call’ drifts along smacking snares and powerful kickdrums in an unorthodox mixture of feelings and future beats. Released on July 14, the song deals with a loose man-woman-relationship, playfully amending the “Miss.Call” to a “missed call” and “Mr. Love” to “missed her love”. The track takes a smart approach to switching meanings, and by providing a more reflected take on modern day love affairs. The song premiered on German radio station BR PULS on the infamous OK KID radio show, which is one of the biggest youth radio shows of the country.

‘Miss.Call’ is BVRGER’s hope to emulate his smash hit from last year, ‘The Cool Kids’ which is sitting comfortably on 1.850.000+ plays on Spotify, and went viral in the USA (#5), UK (#2), Australia (#13), Canada (#7) and Germany (#10) as well as global (#5). The track became a favourite with curators of the Fresh Finds playlist and made their end of the year Best-Of-playlist 2016.

‘The Cool Kids’ was also put on rotation at Irish radio RTE2XM and collected plays on Triple J (Australia) and SRF Virus (Switzerland).

2017 was quite busy for BVRGER with his single “Cyberlove” going straight into Spotify’s “Young & Free” playlist and becoming a favorite with blogs such as The 405 (Canada), Going Solo (Italy), Acid Stag (Australia), All Thing Go Music (USA) and Oblivious Pop (USA). The follow-up “Tease”, which offers influences of BVRGER’s UK heritage with sounds of 2 Step and Garage being included, went into Sweden’s New Music Friday playlist on Spotify and got praised by Conversations About Her (USA), Going Solo (Italy), Ton Spion (Germany) as well as ParaPop (Indonesia).

While BVRGER sees himself primarily as a producer and songwriter, he is working on a live performance the very moment and plans to tour in early 2018. His first gigs abroad came in December 2016 when he was playing in Berlin and Leipzig (Germany) but his new set will offer a different experience to the listeners.

Find out more about BVRGER online on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Download and stream ‘Miss.Call’ here.

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