Pop Singer Carly Rae Jepsen Announces New Album, ‘The Loveliest Time’

Back in October 2022, Grammy-nominated pop artist Carly Rae Jepsen released her latest album, titled ‘The Loneliest Time’. Now, she is following up the critically acclaimed album with a continuation album, aptly named ‘The Loveliest Time’. The album’s first single, ‘Shy Boy’, was released on June 23rd, and gives us some insight into what the album will sound like – but for now, we will be waiting until July 28th to listen to the highly anticipated follow-up project.

The Canadian sensation started out her music career in an unlikely place – in 2007, ‘Canadian Idol’, a Canadian reality TV show, gave her an opportunity to audition. She performed well in the competition, finishing 3rd, and gained the attention of 604 Records manager Jonathan Simkin, who signed her to a deal with the label, and she ended up releasing several successful singles and albums. Her most successful work was the RIAA diamond-certified single ‘Call Me Maybe’ off her second album ‘Kiss’, with 18 million digital sales worldwide, including over 10 million in America. Following that kind of success up proved to be a massive challenge for Jepsen, but she has taken it well, releasing several critically acclaimed albums in the following years, including her latest work, ‘The Loneliest Time’.

‘The Loveliest Time’ will be similar to ‘The Loneliest Time’, with the former acting as a B-side of sorts to the latter. This means you can come to expect Jepsen’s iconic style of vocals, mixed with the somber topics of ‘The Loneliest Time’ and a unique approach to production from producer Rostam Batmanglij, described as an upbeat tempo with music you can dance to. The first single off the album, ‘Shy Boy’, has already made the rounds on social media as some of her best work, and her fanbase is only getting more excited day by day for the album release later this month.

Watch the ‘Shy Boy’ visualiser here, and pre-save ‘The Loveliest Time’ here.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Shy Boy (Official Visualizer)

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