Qymira Releases Her Latest Pop Anthem ‘Wait For No One’

Hong-Kong born pop sensation Qymira has made a fiery return with the empowering hit, ‘Wait For No One’ released via QiiA Media.

Capturing the essence of her Brazilian influences, the singer-songwriter fuses a rhythmic Samba spirit with heart-stopping vocals and punchy lyricism. Transitioning between a magnetic rap flow and glorious vocal delivery, this soon-to-be hit conveys a confident aura, sassy edge and playful presence.

The lyrics underscore the frustrations of dealing with unreliable partners. Urging female listeners to ‘slow down’ and ‘wait for no one,’ the message is clear: these partners are not worth their time, and they should concentrate on their own paths. This empowering message is likely to resonate with many, all while making them dance to its infectious beat.

Qymira dedicates the track to One Gaia Foundation, which is devoted to helping children in need. Founded by the artist three years ago, the foundation uses music, dance, arts, and sports to provide children with focus and purpose. It empowers them by offering platforms to explore their talents under the guidance of top professionals. Currently, One Gaia is launching ten initiatives in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and Brazil, with plans to expand to India and Africa.

Hailing from the success of singles such as ‘Give It To Me’ featuring Filipino singer, Kris Lawrence, and Brazilian rapper, Duendy Primeiro, which charted at No. 5 on the UK Dance Chart, Qymira’s global appeal and widespread acclaim is inevitable.

Don’t miss out on her rise and listen to ‘Wait For No One’, out now.

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