Waterfall Wash – ‘Colors’

  From Nashville, Tennessee, Waterfall Wash are a four-piece fuzz pop act, whose sound blends lo-fi, and ambient white noise, with a more hi-fi…

Timber - photo credit Wes Frazier

Timber – ‘Colors’

Timber, comprising Janet Simpson and Will Stewart might not ever have happened, if it wasn’t for the intervention of divine providence.

Wai Lana – ‘Colors’

For over forty years Wai Lana has worked to introduce to people to the benefits of mediation through yoga, and has a TV series, ‘Wai Lana Yoga’, which she co-directs and hosts.

Cinematic ‘Colors’ From Jaicee Rentz

We recently featured the single, ‘Superzoomy Space Ships’ by Jaicee Rentz. Now we can bring to you her album, ‘Colors’, released on June 22.

Jaicee Rentz – ‘Superzoomy Space Ships’

From San Clemente, California, teen singer songwriter Jaicee Rentz writes rustic tunes influenced by the dance pop of Carly Rae Jepsen and the acoustic sound of The Lumineers. Her debut release, ‘Colors’, started out as midnight downloads and were later fleshed out in the studios of Roshambo Sound, Orange County.