Cinematic ‘Colors’ From Jaicee Rentz

We recently featured the single, ‘Superzoomy Space Ships’ by Jaicee Rentz. Now we can bring to you her album, ‘Colors’, released on June 22.

‘Colors’, a four track record, features themes of nature and space, with her tunes having a rustic flavour influenced by the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and The Lumineers.

Opening with the title track, which features Tyke James, we’re introduced to Jaicee’s voice, which is strong and surprisingly mature for someone of her youth. Track two, the banjo-infused ‘Momma Birdy’, is laid back folk, and her crisp, pure vocals remind us of Sandy Denny.

‘Yesterdays Night’, the third song, picks up the pace a little, with Jaicee’s vocals softened and light against the talented guitar.

“I want to give away my tiny wisdoms” is what Jaicee says about her music. “Mainly, I write about living in the moment, since regret has always been a big teacher for me” she reflects, revealing an awareness beyond her years. “I regret a lot of things I didn’t do and there’s a lot of people whom I never had the chance to tell I love them.”

Final track is the very fun ‘Superzoomy Space Ships’, an off-the-cuff, experimental track, which harnesses psych and indie vibes, and combines them with a polished production and imaginative lyricism. It’s a fitting finish to a great album.

You can find Jaicee Rentz online on her Instagram account.

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