The Jonas Brothers Cover Deluxe Edition Of Switchfoot’s ‘The Beautiful Letdown’

Earlier this month, on August 4th, Switchfoot announced a deluxe edition of ‘The Beautiful Letdown’, with a wide variety of famous guests covering their songs, including the Jonas Brothers covering the title track. Compared to the original 11-track 2003 release, this 20th anniversary edition will feature 25 tracks, with covers, remasters, rewrites, etc. making up the brilliant commemorative album.

Both Switchfoot and the Jonas Brothers trio are legendary in their own ways, with decades worth of music to their names. Switchfoot debuted in 1997 with ‘The Legend of Chin’, but didn’t gain mainstream attention until the release of their fourth album, ‘The Beautiful Letdown’, in 2003. The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics (apart from HM Magazine, who gave it a 2.5/5), and went double platinum over the next few years. Regarded as the group’s piece de resistance and one of the best alt-rock albums of all time, the band had plans to do an anniversary edition long before its 20th birthday, but didn’t have the idea for other artists to cover the album for some time. Ultimately, they decided to contact a wide variety of artists to cover it, with the Jonas Brothers eventually getting to cover the title track, ‘The Beautiful Letdown’.

We have no concrete ideas on what the new track will sound like yet – whether the Jonas Brothers stay faithful to the original or put their own spin on it is yet to be seen. If there’s anything we know that’s set in stone currently, it’s that it’ll be a brilliant new track fusing elements of Switchfoot’s classic alt-rock style with the Jonas trio’s innovative new pop style, which they demonstrated on ‘The Album’, their May 2023 release. Both groups are just as excited for the new release as we are – coming up in a week and a half’s time, on August 25th.

Stream Switchfoot’s version of ‘The Beautiful Letdown’ here and stay tuned for the other artists’ rendition of the brilliant album.

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